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Change Management

The Change Management process begins by researching and understanding the status quo. It runs parallel with and is informed by the various information gathering processes required to create your project design brief.

The key to ensuring successful change within your Workplace Strategy is to provide clarity about why and what is changing. Staff need to understand both why they need to change working behaviours and what these changes will mean to the way they currently work.

Questions that need to be answered are:

What is the change?

What will it be like when we have implemented it?

What do you want me to do differently?

Why are we doing it?

Why should I do it?

Will I be treated fairly? Is everyone else going through the change?

How will it affect me and my department?

How will it work in practice?

How will we make the change? (what processes will be required?)

When will the change happen and what is the programme for change?

A high level of understanding will be required by the project team for them to instil confidence in the people being asked to make the change. Once this has been achieved the change can usually be managed to a successful conclusion.

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