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1-1 Interviews

1-1 interviews are designed to gain more detailed feedback from your Senior Management Team, Department Heads and Steering Group members. The meetings allow us to drill down into the detail of what is expected of your office space, and the resulting feedback often forms the backbone of a brief for the initial space plan.

The meetings can be remote or face to face and can include a team of people or an individual depending on the discussion matter and the business management style.

Before the interviews, and to ensure best use of time, we send out a briefing checklist to prepare everyone.

Some questions will be more relevant to members of your Senior Management Team and some will be better answered by your Departmental Heads or Steering Group.

Questions for the SMT may include suggestions for direction on the look and feel as well as expected use of brand guidelines. They may also be best placed to advise on company policy for how important sustainability and
well-being initiatives are to the success of the project.

Department Heads will be best placed to answer several items from our checklist, some of the most critical being listed below:

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