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What are the benefits of using a Move Manager?

An office relocation is a challenging task for any company and the amount of detail and thorough planning regarding both the project schedule and budget is enormous and time consuming.
A Move Manager at The Workspace Consultants will help you avoid pitfalls by guiding you through an early project planning process and help with avoiding costly mistakes and numerous variations that frequently occur when a company tries to manage a relocation project on their own, without relevant experience.

Working with us reduces stress and our relocation team becomes an integral part of your relocation process. Unless your company has professionals with relevant move management experience and the time to dedicate to your project, appointing us to help with the relocation management will prove to be a cost effective and prudent business decision. This will allow you to focus on your business, ease the pressure, reduce the stress, lower your risk and disruption during a relocation transition allowing you to achieve better results.

If you are considering implementing a relocation project, The Workspace Consultants can help with your transition professionally.

Move Management Services

  • Post Move & Project Closure

    • Establish and set up Post Move Help Desk • Manage movers and contractors to streamline post move related requests • Provide client with status…

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  • Furniture Planning

    • Existing furniture • Inventory existing furniture and assess condition • Assist with re-use furniture planning and strategy • Provide detailed furniture inventory matrix and…

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  • Move Procurement

    MOVE PROCUREMENT, IMPLEMENTATION & EXECUTION • Work with the client to pre-qualify move companies • Develop move RFP, documenting inventories and floor plans • Schedule…

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  • Communication & Building Co-Ordination

    Communication • The Move Manager is the single point of contact throughout the entire project eliminating miscommunication and confusion • Schedule follow-up meetings to review…

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  • Cost Savings

    • Analyse project deliverables and timeframe • Prepare budgets and review changes and the impact on the budget • Will employ proven cost-saving strategies •…

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  • Relocation Planning & Risk Management

    Relocation Planning • Define projects goals, objectives and align with strategy • Establish a core project team including key stakeholders and representatives • Generate and…

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