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The design and usability of any workspace dramatically affects staff productivity, morale and retention. It also has significant impact on both internal and external perceptions of your organisation and is likely, therefore, to affect both growth and profitability.

We offer 2 routes to provide office design to support your business success.

Feasibility Study with General Arrangement Plan(s) - A Feasibility Study enables us to help you ensure you are making the right decision on the layout of your space or that you are choosing the right building for your business.  A detailed brief is taken and agreed (this could include Workspace Analysis or a Time Utilisation Study) and a General Arrangement Plan is created, this GA Plan maps out rooms, zones and circulation routes and confirms the layout to be used for the concept & detailed design phases. The General Arrangement Plan can be tendered to Design & Build Contractors and they will produce the Concept and Detailed Design to follow. This route provides additional choice on the concept but does not allow effective cost comparison.

Concept and Detailed Design - If we are engaged to produce a Concept & Detailed Design this will follow on from the Feasibility Study with GA Plan.  We will create the concept with visualisation, mood boards and finishes and once agreed we will detail the design to support the agreed concept. We will also produce a fully quantified Written Specification. This comprehensive design package will be tendered and will therefore ensure a risk free and easily comparable tender. This route provides a single developed Concept Design for consideration and allows effective cost evaluation.

We would recommend that we maintain a watching brief on the design during all construction phases to ensure continuity.

Design Services

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  • Visualisation

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