Workspace Analysis and The Brief

A successful office design starts by identifying your perceived needs, priorities and work flows. We’ll talk to your management team and internal users to assess their requirements and will also need to identify adjacencies, collaboration patterns, use of meeting rooms and storage requirements.

In most instances we would gather this information in face to face interviews with your departmental representatives but, you may decide that a wider platform of information gathering is beneficial, if this is required, we can design and circulate a bespoke online survey.

Information that will be required will include the following:

  • Direction for the overall look and feel.
  • Who will be using the space?  What is the departmental structure, an organogram would be perfect for this.
  • What types of workers will use the space. It is important that we allocate space for noisy phone based activity and quiet report writing and we need to identify which is predominant.
  • How much collaboration is there and between which people?
  • Are any of the people using the space also using other offices to work from? If so, how often?
  • Will your space be used by/accessed by visitors?
  • What size, type and frequency of meetings need to be supported?
  • Do you have any freestanding items of equipment?
  • How much and what type of storage do you need?

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