Time Utilisation Surveys

The goal of a Time Utilisation Survey (TUS) is to establish a baseline of current utilisation, to reveal opportunities for efficiencies, and then to use that data to build a case for optimising the use of space whilst maintaining staff productivity and morale.

It is extremely important that we are able to accurately calculate actual use of space (AUS). Most organizations struggle to reach even 50% utilisation because they can't get the right data on how much space they really need. Having reliable, accurate data gives us the power to maximize utilisation, and it gives you the strategic insight to best manage your real estate portfolio, usually a company's second largest expense item.

Prepare to think about the workspace in terms of:

  • Desks or Workspaces - The number of individual workstations (whether private offices or openplan workstations).
  • Occupancy - The percentage of desks that are assigned to a person or dedicated to a function.
  • Utilisation - The percentage of occupied desks (or conference room seats) that are "in use" at any moment during the workday.
  • Capacity - The seat count or number of people that a space can support at one time
  • Head Count - The total number of people that need to be accommodated, but not necessarily at same time.


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