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  • Research & Development
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Workspace Consultancy
  • Client
    CMR Surgical
  • Date
    July 2022
  • Info
    28,260 sq ft of Office Space in Cambridge

CMR Surgical’s expansion plans meant that their current HQ at EBP was needed to support the operations & technical parts of the business. The HQ functions needed to relocate to a new location. Building 194 on the Cambridge Science Park was large enough to house the Sales and Marketing, Exec, HR, Finance and Training functions assuming the business continued its flexible working policy.

The goal was also to provide an inspirational new sales environment with client facing meeting rooms. To confirm CMR’s requirements, a thorough analysis of their workforce and work patterns was conducted through interviews with the SMT. This investigation aimed to confirm the agility of their staff on a departmental basis and to identify opportunities for a more dynamic workspace. The approach involved close collaboration and clear communication channels with each department to understand their needs, aspirations, and specific goals for the project. The initial timeframe was challenging, but expanded to suit, once the extent of the project became visible.

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  • Unit 1, Avenue Business Park
    Brockley Road
    Cambridge, CB23 4EY
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