• Berkeley Studios

    Berkeley Studios

    Our role in this project was to produce a brief and tender document and manage the tender process, choice of…

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  • DisplayLink 2019

    DisplayLink 2019

    After 3 years at 140 Cambridge Science Park, DisplayLink were looking for design and project management services for their relocation…

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  • Anglia Ruskin (London)

    Anglia Ruskin (London)

    Anglia Ruskin University (London) employed us to project manage the move to their new space near London Docklands. The space…

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  • ServiceNow


    ServiceNow engaged us as project managers for the expansion of their existing office in Staines. They already occupied the ground floor…

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  • Geant


    Geant employed us to provide a budgeted feasibility study and Space Utilisation Survey. We produced a fully constructed design, detailed…

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  • Costello Medical

    Costello Medical

    After tendering the Design and PM for their Cambridge relocation, Costello Medical engaged us to provide a full Stage 3…

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  • NG Bailey

    NG Bailey

    NG Bailey employed us to design and project manage the works for the relocation to their new office on Farringdon…

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  • Cboe (Bats) Europe

    Cboe (Bats) Europe

    Cboe Europe (Bats) engaged us to help them with building selection, design and project management for their upcoming relocation.

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  • Veolia


    Veolia UK commissioned us to support them with the re-evaluation of the way they occupied their UK Head Office at…

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  • All Response Media

    All Response Media

    We were asked to perform a cost consultancy and project management role for a 10k sqft project at Sutton Yard…

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  • Jagex


    Jagex had decided to refurbish their 4 floor, 40,000 sq ft office space in Cambridge to coincide with a branding…

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  • Eton Park

    Eton Park

    Eton Park were planning on a move from Saville Row to Portman Square. The relocation was a consolidation into smaller…

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  • Vistra


    Vistra were looking to relocate to 10,000 sqft of office space in St James’s Square, London. We were engaged to…

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  • Vix


    Vix initially employed us to provide a design and budgeting service for their Head Office relocation in Cambridge. The brief…

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  • SmartFocus


    Smartfocus relocated to 13k sq ft on the 2nd floor, Relay Building, Aldgate. We were initially engaged to produce a…

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  • 3 Crowns – Paris

    3 Crowns – Paris

    Three Crowns employed The Workspace Consultants following a successful London project. to project manage and aid with design...

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  • Horizon Discovery

    Horizon Discovery

    Horizon Discovery is a global revenue generating life science company supplying research tools, contract research services...

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  • 3 Crowns

    3 Crowns

    The design brief for the new London office of 3 Crowns LLP, specialist international arbitration advocates, was to provide an…

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  • DisplayLink 2016

    DisplayLink 2016

    Displaylink needed to relocate offices and in the process wanted to both plan for expansion and ensure staff retention. 140…

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  • Nordea Bank

    Nordea Bank

    Nordea Bank employed us to achieve best value and a positive outcome for their City of London relocation. We helped…

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  • Monitise


    Monitise required a new property as they were embarking on a five-year plan to increase the headcount in their London…

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  • Shard Capital

    Shard Capital

    Shard Capital relocated from their offices in Blackfriars to the ‘Walkie Talkie Building’. As the building was brand new, many…

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  • St Vincent House

    St Vincent House

    We were employed by Galliard Homes, the managing agent for St Vincent House in Ipswich, to redesign, tender and project…

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  • Monitise Create

    Monitise Create

    Our brief for Monitise Create was to provide a ‘San Francisco Loft’ styled office for the creative arm of Monitise…

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  • La Doria

    La Doria

    LDH (La Doria) Ltd is the leading supplier of canned and dried foods to the major supermarkets in the UK.…

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  • Conning


    The brief to relocate Conning Asset Management to a new building in Monument was to create a high quality space…

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  • SIA


    The Security Industry Authority employed us as Workspace Consultants and Designers to help them identify and confirm ...

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  • ICare Health

    ICare Health

    ICareHealth occupied very traditionally designed open plan offices within a Grade 2 Listed property and were unsure whether...

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    We designed the interior for the fit out and refurbishment of 35,000 Sq Ft in Cambridge. The building, on 3…

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  • Monitise – Cardiff

    Monitise – Cardiff

    The expansion to the business in Cardiff lead Monitise to look for a new building both to provide additional space…

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