Milton Hall

The significant refurbishment and redesign of Milton Hall, by Milton Hall Estates, was a privately funded venture by its owners to reinvigorate very tired and outdated office space. The brief was to take the Grade 2 Listed Georgian Hall and produce high end, serviced office accommodation.  It needed to be designed to attract small to medium sized companies keen to have an ‘office with character’ in the Cambridge area. Upon first viewing, the buildings were ‘rabbit warren’ like and as such the most significant task was to create clear and visible access for all users. This needed to be done whilst respecting the remaining heritage of the Hall and keeping close scrutiny on the budget. The main aim of the interior design was to build on the high level of expectation experienced outside the building, showcasing the historical fabric where possible. The design therefore uses the inherent beauty of Georgian architecture as inspiration whilst introducing contemporary modernisation where necessary.


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