DisplayLink 2019

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  • DisplayLink-Reception
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  • DisplayLink-Openplan-Hotdesks
  • DisplayLink-Meeting-Corridor
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  • DisplayLink-Hotdesks
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  • DisplayLink-Openplan1
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  • DisplayLink-Teapoint
  • DisplayLink-tiered_seating
  • DisplayLink-tiered_seating2
  • DisplayLink-Workbooths
  • DisplayLink-Boardroom-detail
  • DisplayLink-Breakout1
  • DisplayLink-Breakout-Detail
  • DisplayLink-Corridor
  • DisplayLink-Corridor2
  • DisplayLink-External
  • DisplayLink-Hotdesk-detail1

After 3 years at 140 Cambridge Science Park, DisplayLink were looking for design and project management services for their relocation to a brand new 60K sqft building at 220 CSP. The requirements were to build on our previous design whilst creating a more corporate space reflecting their business development. After workshopping the brief we developed the design to provide a natural warmer palette for a flexible office space supporting changing team sizes, collaboration and concentration. The ground floor provides a catered breakout facility as well as training & welfare spaces with the 1st & 2nd floors of the building dedicated to office areas, meeting spaces, labs and workshops. Part of the ground floor has also been designed & fitted out as a self-contained sublet ensuring space is used as efficiently as possible. We designed the space to RIBA Stage 3 with the successful tenderer providing the construction drawings as required, we also maintained a watching brief through the construction to safeguard design intent.

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