Costello Medical

  • Costello Breakout Area
  • Costello Breakout Seating
  • Costello Breakout Zone
  • Costello Conf Room
  • Costello Entrance
  • Costello Entance Lobby
  • Costello Partitions
  • Costello Slatted Ceilings
  • Costello Soft Seating 2
  • Costello Soft Seating
  • Costello Teapoint
  • Costello Touchdown 2
  • Costello Touchdown
  • Costello View to Teapoint
  • Costello Waiting Area
  • Costello Welcome Area
  • Costello Worksetting

After tendering the Design and PM for their Cambridge relocation, Costello Medical engaged us to provide a full Stage 3 D&B design with tender and project management services.  The design needed to take account of staged occupation with part of the space being sublet for the first 3 years and careful budgeting was required at all stages.

Specification was carefully managed to control the overall spend with more creativity and budget allocated for a central, client facing breakout/touchdown space with collaboration & contemplation areas including new furniture and feature ceilings.  Office areas made use of many existing items of furniture, topping up where necessary.

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