Workplaces that Boost Wellbeing.

Leading organizations know that improved employee wellbeing not only helps people to be healthier, it also helps them to be more productive, creative and innovative, it also helps with staff retention.  Businesses are beginning to focus on wellbeing and are looking to other organizations for benchmarking, as well as inspiration.

Governments have also started to measure wellbeing as it’s viewed as proof of the success of public policy, the European Social Survey, for example, tracks social attitudes and behaviours across 30 countries.

Think tanks and statisticians have helped define the value of wellbeing. One of the hottest is the Happy Planet Index, a global index of human wellbeing and environmental impact that’s based on 10 years of research. “People who are happier at work are more productive—they are more engaged, more creative and have better concentration,” says Nic Marks, who’s spent more than a decade studying the economics of wellbeing.

Here are a couple of downloadable pdfs from the Steelcase 360 magazine which might be of interest.  One shows a study on responses from people on wellbeing in their current workplaces, the other shows six key areas of change to help foster wellbeing in offices.

If you would like to know more please follow this link to find an article from the Steelcase 360 magazine .

Also here is a short video, that should help you identify some of the main issues when understanding how you might foster the improved Wellbeing of staff in your own offices.

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