Office Design; Being On The Right Side Of Cool

Following trends from the likes of Google and Facebook, many companies are attempting to create a ‘cool’ office environment. Some have crossed the line from ‘fun’ to borderline ridiculous. “Company leaders should ask themselves what they are trying to achieve with what they offer, and how they’re going to manage these spaces, as well as expectations.”

Perks of creating a fun work environment can help create the perception that the company has an established brand, is financially healthy and forward thinking. This increases the likelihood that job-seekers will be attracted to the company and improve the general mood of your existing workers. “As an employer, it’s important to provide office amenities that promote an environment where great ideas blossom and a sense of community grows. But also be conscious that these reflect a mature company.

Some of the best office programming includes multiple collaborative work zones, because no one likes to spend all day at their desk. These spaces can be laid-back lounges with more comfortable seating arrangements where meetings can happen outside of the everyday conference room."

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