Is The Workplace Obsolete In A Virtual World?

Workplace design seems to be at a turning point.

Why have we historically gone to  work at an office?

'Going into the office' has primarily been to use the equipment or materials we needed to do our work or to meet colleagues. How relevant is this today when an office worker can access most of the tools they need to work anywhere at any time?

As workplace designers, we need to have an understanding of the emerging role of the workplace, in order to design differently for people at work.

“We must design workplaces that are appropriate to technology, economy, and work culture of the 21st century.” Frank Duffy

If we view the impact of the internet and mobile technology as “disrupting” the traditional workplace, adapting the design of the workplace to reflect these changes will aid progression of businesses as a whole. With the need for a space solely to get our work done, seemingly becoming obsolete, the workplace has often evolved into a space in which collaboration is becoming the main reason for workers to come into the office.

Reconfiguring the workplace to reflect changes to the way we work extends beyond hot desks and breakout spaces, if we want staff to gain from coming into the office we should be looking at making spaces vibrant and interesting. By rethinking overlooked space like corridors we can excite staff about visiting a communal workplace and as designers we can help connect people, their work and ultimately business.

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Matt Brookes Interior Designer at The Workspace Consultants

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