Benefits of Art in the Workplace

“Research shows that involvement with the arts increases motivation, builds teamwork and inspires people – Factors that business leaders identify as key profit drivers… [The arts can] improve reputation, develop influence; raise profile, build brand recognition; encourage loyalty, increase sales; and showcase commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

Colin Tweedy, Chief Executive, Arts and Business.

Showcasing artwork within the office creates an environment in which your staff feel comfortable, happy and motivated. These traits are key to a productive workforce and the driver for successful brands. Artwork can also help reinforce brand ideology to your clients. It can help communicate a feeling of playfulness, power or enhance the corporate image of your company.

GingerWhite of Bethnal green have created a service of rental artwork that rotates on a chosen time period to keep your office environment looking and feeling fresh and inspiring. With their acoustic art, the benefits from the artwork are multiplied by their acoustic properties.

Another choice with more statement would be a permanent piece done by a commissioned artist. Graffiti Kings have compiled a team of talented street artists that complete small works to murals around the country for offices, schools and private commissions. Creating fun, edgy images that can suit any office environment.

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