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Formal meeting rooms can be fixed or flexible, they can be contemporary or more traditional and they can be high or low tech.

Chair considerations

The specification of the furniture will very much depend on the overall concept of the design and the budget. It is also important for us to understand the length of the meetings, as chairs should be specified to reflect this, and the type of meeting so that the facilities can be specified accurately.

Audio and visual equipment

The co-ordination of your Audio Visual provision within meeting spaces is key to their success, it is likely that HDMI/USB C will need to be terminated in the table top and a sideboard may be needed for specialist equipment.

The meeting room can be a furniture item too, making it easy to relocate. These items can be specified to be reconfigurable, can have acoustic ratings, and can support anything from 1-1 conference calls to ten person meetings. They will incorporate lighting and airchanging, and will be AV friendly.

Informal meetings

Informal meeting spaces are generally included to support unplanned meetings, and they can also be used to provide alternative worksettings and as a device to break up open-plan office space. The furniture used to provide these solutions is generally upholstered so will be acoustically absorbent and benefit the wider design.

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