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A few years ago a friend mentioned a social networking site called Pinterest to me, she thought I might find it useful for my work.  I couldn’t for the life of me understand why, no other such website has been of interest, but out of politeness I took a quick peek.  Instantly, I was hooked…this was a life changing discovery, maybe that’s an exaggeration, however for a couple of decades I’ve collected visual inspiration by spending a fortune on books, magazines and photocopying library books.  Suddenly I had millions of images at my finger tips – for free!

Unlike other social media sites where you have to build up a personal profile, the emphasis here is on selecting ‘interesting’ images and ‘pinning’ them to your board (hence the name).  If you so choose, you can follow other boards and comment on pins.  I realised that by setting up a number of boards, I could quickly and easily collate images that would provide me with inspiration for specific projects.

A number of years on and I still turn to Pinterest when I need to stimulate my creativity.  I have recommended that clients take a look at my boards in order to open a discussion on what they require.

If you haven’t already discovered Pinterest, I wholly recommend it – though beware, you may also become, at least momentarily, addicted.

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