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Why rent art and sculpture for the office?

When businesses decide to improve their office environment, attention is rightfully focused on décor and furniture, but artwork will undoubtedly help complete the scheme with significantly more success if applied correctly. Whether your space needs one signature sculpture for the reception, statement pieces for your client-facing meeting rooms or a series of works for your office areas, there’s a world of choice available and there are many suppliers offering solutions.

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Here are four reasons why we believe you should consider renting art for your office:

Visual interest

It seems obvious, but there’s no denying that art is guaranteed to add visual interest and, in doing so, to stimulate creativity and motivate your teams. In addition, a collection of carefully chosen pieces of art can help to reinforce your brand values and mission and to communicate these to your customers. Also, your staff will feel more at home in a space that’s inviting and visually stimulating.


A common misconception regarding art in the workplace is that it’s solely there as decoration. While that may be true to some degree, research has indicated that its presence helps to reduce stress and thereby increase productivity. It has also been shown to boost creativity and encourage staff to share their opinions.


An additional benefit of renting rather than purchasing art or sculpture is that you can change it on a regular basis, helping you to keep the office space looking fresh. An option to rotate your artwork every six months is an exciting way to experience different artists and themes, and potentially to keep your employees engaged in the process.


Investing in art can be an expensive gamble, especially if the wrong style is selected. Rental companies will usually charge around 10% of the value of each piece, which allows you to experiment and order with confidence since the commitment is likely only to be six months.


Carol Chinn, Design Partner at The Workspace Consultants, confirms that renting art is often the most sensible way to add relevant art to office spaces. ‘Here at Workspace we’ve been helping clients access a wide variety of art works for many years,’ comments Carol. ‘It should really be an integral part of the design but commissioned art can be expensive. Renting can mean that it comes out of a separate budget and gives options for changing the art on a planned basis. This is interesting as you can change the genre/type of art, thus refreshing your spaces on a regular basis. We can help direct your initial choices and your rental company can offer advice on an ongoing basis. To date we've worked with a number of rental suppliers, including Ginger White and Acrylicize, as well as Cambriidge-based Byard Art'.

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