Remote working survey findings

Thank you to all those who took part in our work-from-home survey during the Covid-19 crisis. We had a great response from across a range of industries to get a good idea about how you are adapting to the current situation.

First we looked at how you worked before the outbreak to get an understanding of how the much time you spent in the office and how you spend your time whilst in the office.

75% of surveyed spend all day in the office and 65% go in 4 or 5 days a week


Then we wanted to understand how you are working and have adapted to the Covid-19 crisis. We found that the majority of you enjoy working from home and can see the benefits of not travelling into the office each day.

70% of those surveyed said they are more, or as productive as there were before the outbreak. Over 50% of people said they could preform their office role from home, with a further 32% saying they will go in less often.

These findings tend to show that although we have been forced into a working environment that some may have felt wouldn't work for their job role, the vast majority of people have seen it as a positive experience that could continue after the outbreak.

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