Myers Briggs – What are you?

Last year I was taking a design brief from a client when he stated that the majority of the staff in his firm were INTPs, “ah, yes, I am similar, I am an ENTP” I responded.  My colleague stared at the two of us, what on earth we were talking about?

We were discussing our Myers Briggs personality types.   A friend had alerted me to this particular version of psychometric testing a few years back.  She worked in HR and used the tests to identify the characteristics of different members working together in teams.  With the knowledge gleaned, team leaders were able to employ specific tactics to successfully manage different individuals.

The reason our client was alerting us to the personality type of his colleagues was that it was going to impact on how we designed their workspace.  The majority of the employees were researchers with PhDs and were introverts, they mostly worked independently and needed a very quiet and calm environment.  As a result we ensured that there were plenty of small phone booths available so that the noise of a phone call could be removed from the open office, informal meeting spaces that were dotted about the office were fully enclosed and we chose a calming soft blue for the colour scheme.

If you fancy discovering your Myers Briggs personality type, there are a number of free online tests on the web, I quite like this one:

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