How to Sit at Your Desk

For how many hours do you sit at your office desk?  I’m guessing the answer is for the majority of the time you are in the office – so, 7 hours perhaps?  Ideally get yourself a sit-stand desk and read my blog on my experience of standing at work.  However, if you are going to sit, then sit correctly:

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor – use the gas lift to position the seat at the correct height to allow for this.
  • Move the seat pad forward or backwards – there should be enough space to allow two fingers to fit between the back of your knees and your seat pad.
  • Your lower back should be supported by the lumber support, most modern chairs offer mesh or padding that moulds to your body shape.
  • Your chair should be pulled up to the desk with the arm rests at desk height, this ensures that you can rest your forearms on your chair with your wrists slightly above the desk and the keyboard situated at the front of the desk.
  • The chair back should enable you to tilt back with little effort, this movement helps alleviate back ache. You should be able to push back, then remove your feet from the ground – the back should slowly push you back upright, not flick you out, nor leave you leaning backward.
  • Most importantly – stop sitting – get up, stand up, walk around!

Go on – try it right now.  I’ve just readjusted myself and I promise you, it feels wonderful!

I highly recommend a fabulous website: to find out more.

If your chair doesn’t enable all the adjustments above, you need one of these:

It’s called Eva and it’s Orangebox’s latest innovation – the design is sleek and well resolved, it does everything that an ergonomic chair needs to do - employers choosing this chair won’t have to buy separate chairs for people with back problems etc, the arms even fold back to enable wheelchair users to use it.

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