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Flexible Office Furniture For Client Facing Meeting Rooms

Flexible meeting spaces are not a new requirement in the office; most offices have been using folding walls, flexible tables and stacking chairs for some years now.

Folding and flexible solutions for tables

I am regularly asked to ensure that all meeting rooms work hard for their floor space and this is much easier to design for when the rooms do not need to have the gravitas of a client facing space. In my experience most flexible tables can, regardless of the specification of the work surface, make a room feel like a training room.  There are many folding & flexible solutions for tables which will stack or nest but by their nature they tend to have a maximum table size of around 1800x900mm, this obviously makes them easy to move around but will inevitably lead to a ‘sea of legs’ under the table tops.

I have recently been working on a project for an asset management company in the city and they requested flexible meeting rooms to support general office use, but the rooms equally needed to create the right ambiance for client facing meetings and a boardroom.  I was, as usual, striving to cover all of the bases and finding it difficult to achieve the right 'look' with flexible table solutions.

It is always nice to find a new product that resolves a problem for which you have been compromising style or function and I was recently in the new Brunner showroom in Clerkenwell and found such a product.

Brunner has developed one of their long standing product lines.  The Torino XXL is a fliptop, nesting table with all of the original beautiful detailing and effortless functionality a German product usually displays… but it is now XXL.  The maximum width is 1400mm but it can be up to 2800mm long.  Perfect, you might say, for creating flexible space with a minimum of tables and therefore legs.


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