Five tips to help your wellbeing in the workplace

Improving wellbeing at work has been shown to increase morale, loyalty to your company and employee productivity. A poll by the charity ‘Mind’ revealed that 60% of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the top five tips to help improve wellbeing in your workplace:

1 Reduce exposure to blue light
Glasses that block blue light and eye exercises can help over-exposure to screens. Blue light can affect proper sleep, cause stress and induce headaches.

2 Promote a better work life balance
New research suggests that a shorter working day with clearly defined breaks can increase productivity. According to Ginger Comms, just over a third of British workers never take their lunch break, and this has been shown to reduce productivity. The same study indicated that in a six-hour work day, most British workers only manage to get three hours’ worth of work done.

3 Introduce flexible working spaces
It’s beneficial to provide the ability to customise workspaces to suit the individual member of staff, with options such as being able to control lighting locally or for standing as well as sitting desks. Introducing other optional work areas such as private booths or collaborative spaces can also help to allow employees a degree of choice which promotes wellbeing at work.

4 Introduce green spaces and time outside into the working day
It’s important to encourage access to outside spaces during the working day, because exercise and exposure to green spaces not only promote physical wellbeing but also support mental wellbeing. Introducing plants into the office space has also been proven to reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

5 Finally, develop a culture of openness
Asking employees what they need or want in order to help their mental and physical health by holding one-to-one conversations can help define what your office specifically needs. Offering internal and external support for mental wellbeing can also help. (External support can be provided through referrals to local services which can be found on Mind Infoline.)

Other free resources about wellbeing in the workplace from Mind are available here.

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