Agile Working

Earlier this year we were asked by a north London based client to reduce their expenditure on rent.  They had 200 members of staff, each with their own desk.  We organised a time utilisation study over a two week period.  This concluded that the average desk was occupied for 43% of the time; there was a peek occupancy of 75%.  The answer to their brief was obvious – initiate an agile workspace for all employees.  200 desks over three and a half floors were reduced to 154 desks over 3 floors.

Creating an agile space isn’t just about removing desks, it is about providing a variety of environments in which to work.  We introduced 5 quiet rooms, 5 small meeting rooms, 5 large and 5 small open plan meeting booths and 7 single person phone booths.  The inclusion of 200 lockers enabled each individual to retain the personal storage that was removed when the desk pedestals were removed.

The cost of these updates was £700k.  The rental saving to the company is £500k per year.   There are seven years remaining on the lease.  We have a very happy client!


Image: Allemuir Haven Pods

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