A Plea to Commercial Landlords and Managing Agents

All too often, when we ask Managing Agents for information relating to space that they are hoping to let, it isn’t immediately available. Sometimes, it feels as though we are the first people to ever have made such a request. It usually takes days to pull together a pack of information and often longer.

When our clients are viewing buildings, their main interest is understanding how the space will work for them and how much it is going to cost to do a fit out. This means that we need to create a design and budget quickly. For this we need the following simple information:

  • AutoCAD plans of the space
  • AutoCAD or PDF M&E services drawings
  • A Tenant Fit Out Guide
  • A Reinstatement Insurance Value.

During these difficult times of Covid 19, it is important to make letting space as easy as possible and therefore Landlord’s and Managing Agents should have all this information to hand.

Arranging viewing is not an easy process either. This applies to both prospective tenants or potential fit out contractors and consultants who often want to tour the building in large groups. We have had a positive experience in the last few weeks of running site meetings over Video Conference calls. This includes someone walking the site with a phone so that others in the meeting can see the space and ask for the camera to point in whichever direction they want.

We therefor ask Managing Agents to take a video to attach to the information pack that we need or if we can have access for one person to take a video of all the space, including plant rooms and risers this would be very useful.

This will help us to provide all the information that our clients require to move the process of letting the space forward.

There is no need to think that lettings will come to a stop right now. We just need to do things in a slightly different way, and we can continue to do business effectively and safely.

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